Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Growing up & things lost

Okay, Day two of blogging.
I'm not sure if anyone will comment on this or not but I encourage everyone to comment. I'm keeping this a safe place. I know I practically had to grow up over night and in the process I lost a lot of friends and had to give up many things. This is usually the hardest part for girls. In my situation I was still able to show horses and be around the barn after I had my daughter so I took pride in taking her with me and teaching her :) Since I was sharing something close to my heart with my daughter the sports that I had to stop playing didnt bother me because I was able to do this. What did you do to overcome some of the disappointment from the  sports/activities you had to give up. Or were you able to continue these?

For me it seemed that majority of my friends stuck around while I was pregnant but it seemed like after I had my daughter and that became my number 1 priority a ton of my friends stopped talking to me and coming around. I did have one amazing friend stick with me through it all and she is a big part of my support system. It was sad to loose so many friends but instead of consuming so much time into worrying about it I leaned on my one true friend and spend time with her and my daughter and we had a ton of fun. And once I met my now husband we spent time doing alot of fun things. I also leaned on my family members. I know now everyone has a strong support system. I learned that its not how many people you have surrounding you supporting you ect. what matters is the people who care for you and love you no matter what the situation is. Those people will be a bigger impact on your life than 20 untrue people could. I also tried to meet some other young moms. Did you loose friends? What did you do to overcome this at such a young age?

I really hope to hear some feedback if you are not comfortable commenting please email me :)

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