Monday, August 27, 2012

Dealing with people who judge

I know I mentioned in my story about how people will say mean things and be quick to judge. Its a very hard thing to deal with and can really affect how you feel about yourself and how you progress in the future. Especially when you are already dealing with so many emotions to begin with. I know personally not only would i get judged and made fun of at school I would also deal with this out in public places such as the pediatricians office. When i would be in there with my daughter I could hear people say rude things like wow look at that kid with a baby that poor baby doesn't stand a chance in life. I would hear things like this daily. I had a family member tell me I would never make anything of myself and that I would just flip burgers for the rest of my life. I would also get comments like don't you know your daughter will be in jail because your a young mom... People really have no clue how the hurtful things they say to you can really affect you. For a little while I let this get me down, I started to not believe in myself at all. I started to give up. However I knew that just because people said these things and felt this way didn't mean that it was the reality of my situation, I knew that I was the only person that could control my future and my daughters future. So I picked myself up put up a thicker wall and said to myself I am going to prove these people wrong no matter how long it takes me and that is just what i did and im continuing to do. I graduated high school even though my own family said I would never do it. I started college and graduated and carried a 4.0 gpa almost every quarter even though everyone said i would never do it. I can tell you one thing proving all of these people wrong was amazing. It was not easy finishing school and starting college and getting good grades but i knew i had to do it. I encourage any girl out there to not be a victim of the harassment and beat the statistics, It may take you a long time to get through school but if you get through it that's all that matters. There are options and assistance out there to help us teen moms so we can finish school and get a higher education. Just put your best foot forward and keep working hard and it will all pay off.

I plan to talk about my struggles finishing school and getting a college education tomorrow :)

I also want to remind everyone coming to read my posts to please comment or email me I would love to hear from all of you and give any advice i can

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