Monday, August 20, 2012

Additional Information

In regards to my story. I just want to make any young girl aware that it is not the best choice to hide your pregnancy. There is a lot of prenatal care that your unborn child requires. The quicker your support system knows you are pregnant the longer you have to prepare and decide what is best for you situation. I understand it is scary but there is people you can reach out to. There is blogs like mine, support groups, school counselors, Churches. Keep yourself and your child healthy and happy. I plan to post some helpful websites later including websites on prevention.

Also with my story, I want everyone to know that there is physical abuse and there is verbal/emotional abuse and neither one is ever okay. Don't become a victim. seek help. I will also post some helpful websites for this.

I also want to say that school is so important for your future. It is hard with a child. But there is options. Your local job and family services may be able to provide day care assistance, talk with your family, look into online high schools. Never give up.

I have faith that if we can start supporting young mothers instead of running them down we can make a difference. I truly believe we will see graduation rates rise in teen mothers as well as the number of teen moms that have a college degree.

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